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5 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Florist

5 Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Florist

It’s hard to deny that a well thought out flower display at a wedding is a wonderful thing. Not only do they look good, they can really tie a wedding theme together. However, it can be incredibly overwhelming to think about floral displays, bouquets and button holes and with so many high budget photoshoots all over Instagram and Pinterest you may feel it’s totally out of your comfort zone.

Here are a few tips we have picked up talking to our favourite suppliers, as well as a list of florists we love and trust to help you make the best choices for your wedding day.

1. When to get your wedding florist on board?

Getting your florist on board early means they can use their years of knowledge to help you fill your venue with flowers you love. Flowers play a huge part in the styling a venue and making some decisions about flowers early on can help other decisions fall into place.

Many florists will have been to the venues before if they’re local (and we suggest you go as local as possible to your venue to avoid geographical based hiccups!) and already know what will create the best impact within your budget. Plus, it’s nice to tick things off early!

2. Find the right wedding suppliers for you

It’s easy to fall in love over Instagram but make sure you do your research before you commit. Whilst a scroll through a florists feed is a good way to see if your visions might align don’t make any decisions until you’ve had a conversation. Make sure you ask the right questions. Do they get your vision for the day? Can they deliver what you’re looking for within your budget? Do you like them? Having someone you gel with will make the planning much easier.

3. Set a budget for your wedding flowers

Work out what you’re willing to spend before you fall in love. You can’t get a £10k display with a £1k budget so you need to work out what your dedicated flowers budget is and try and stick to it. Be open and honest about what you can afford but don’t expect a florist to lower their prices to suit your budget. If their prices don’t fit your budget they’re not the right florist for you, so either look for another florist or think about how you might be able to DIY.

Also bear in mind that the cost of flowers varies dramatically at different times of the year. Be aware that you might need to budget a little extra to allow for fluctuation in price.

4. What are you looking for when it comes to wedding flowers?

The more your florist has to work with, the happier you both will be. Whilst no one expects you to turn up with a full “vision” on day one (although congrats if you do!) a list that includes your theme, colours, flowers you like and ideas for presentation will be invaluable to your chosen florist. These ideas can be fluid but a starting point is always easier!

5. Sustainable and seasonal wedding flowers

It can be tempting to want roses in November but for the sake of the planet, we recommend keeping it sustainable and seasonal when it comes to your flowers. Not only will it match the vibe of your wedding better (if your photos have autumnal colours in the background but you’re holding a bunch of bright pink flowers, this may clash!) you can actually get more experimental. Consider dried flowers, climbing plants, wildflowers or more to really make the season sing, plus you get to feel guilt free about the distance your displays have travelled AND supported more than one local business. Win win!

Our recommended Bristol based wedding florists

Snowdrops Studio
Lucy Coco Floristry
Clementine Moon Floral Design
Amaranto Flower Design
The Petal Emporium
Forest and the Flowers
Pipley Flowers


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